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Hey there, I'm Michał.
Test automation specialist, trainer, and evangelist. Technical testing, CI/CD, and Test/DevOps enthusiast. A QA Lead responsible for quality-related aspects throughout the project lifecycle.

I like to automate not only tests but any repeatable task my team and I encounter, knowing that engineers can spend their time on more interesting things. In the projects I work on, I care about quality from their very beginning in the business development phase, throughout their definition and build, up until their launch. I was responsible for defining QA processes in these projects, coaching the team to follow them and constantly improve them.

I love to experiment with different approaches, fresh ideas, new tools so whenever that is possible - I try to incorporate them in my daily job. Continuous improvement is always my side goal.

I was a speaker at: PtaQ meetup, PapryQarz meetup

If you would like to talk or need some consultation/training, feel free to contact me.

Currently, I work at Cognifide as a Senior QA Engineer, leading projects in the QA area and our internal test automation Center of Excellence. I am also one of the co-creators and maintainers of the Bobcat framework

In my free time when I do not code or write anything else, I love to play video games, chill with some TV series or movies or just mess around with my 2 cats, though in case of the last one it’s usually the other way around.