Welcome to AutomatingGuy.com, my new (and the very first) blog!

Why have I started it?

Well, I love to share what I have learned during my work but the work itself does not always give you such opportunity - when you go to the kitchen and grab a coffee you may start discussing some problems but often you also want to make a small break from the regular day job.

Recently I had this growing feeling inside me, that keeping my experiences only to myself is in a way putting them to waste.

Sure, personally I learn a lot, I grow with every new thing I encounter or try in my professional career.

A lot of that knowledge is coming from various other blogs, articles, podcasts, talks from conferences etc. Inspired by all that awesomeness flying around on the Internet, sometimes quite direct, one day this thought has been born somewhere deep inside my head, echoing harder and harder…

Maybe it is time to give some of it back?

Enriched by my own adventures in the world of software development, spiced up by my thoughts?

Especially, that recently I have started to encounter topics that are not vastly described in many sources or like a lot of aspects of development are still a constant discussion - why not add some value, yet another viewpoint to it? I also came to the point in my career where I consider myself a mature QA engineer and an automation specialist which probably boosted that initial feeling and encouraged me to start this whole thing.

Furthermore, as I love to learn new things and experiment on any occasion I hope this is another big opportunity for me to try out new things!

The things that you can expect to read about over here are topics related to test automation, Test/DevOps, Continuous Integration/Delivery and general rants about my QA adventures. Hopefully one day, I will start creating some really amazing content

Hope you will enjoy the time spent here and I would love to hear any feedback so do not hesitate to contact me.

Now, time for some actual content, enjoy the first post: Running Selenium tests with Jenkins Pipelines and Zalenium

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